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Individual Counseling

Explore personal growth and healing through individual therapy. Benefit from specialized support, like Direct Neurofeedback, for a brighter, more fulfilled you.

Benefit 1

Personalized Guidance: Individual therapy offers tailored support for various issues, from Depression, Relationship issues, and anxiety, OCD and to brain-related conditions like TBI autism and ADHD.

Benefit 2

We use talk therapy along with Cutting-Edge Solutions like EMDR and Direct Neurofeedback providing advanced assistance in addressing a range of issues, enhancing overall well-being and mental clarity.


Family Counseling

We offer support for families seeking to mend relationships, improve parenting, and communicate effectively with children and teens.

Specialized Expertise

Our focus is on blended families, co-parenting, and step-parenting, providing tailored solutions for their unique challenges.

Healing and Harmony

Our warm-hearted professionals create a safe space for families to nurture bonds, find peace, and embrace a brighter future.

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Group Therapy

Freedom Family Counseling offers diverse group therapy sessions, including marriage, teen, parenting, and grief support, fostering understanding and healing.

Varied Support

Group therapy provides tailored support for various family challenges, from marriage issues to teen empowerment.

Renewed Connections

Within a therapeutic environment, families can find growth, resilience, and renewed connections


Direct Neurofeedback

Discover Calm Waves at Freedom Family Counseling – your path to greater peace and enhanced well-being. Calm Waves helps bring relief on your journey to mental wellness, utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide real-time insights into your brain’s activity.

Benefits of Calm Waves:

Anxiety and Stress Relief:

Find tranquility and relaxation by managing overwhelming anxiety and stress.

Enhanced Focus:

Supercharge your attention and productivity for simplified daily tasks.

Emotional Stability:

Navigate mood swings and emotional hurdles with grace and control.

Restorative Sleep:

Address sleep disorders for peaceful and rejuvenating nights.

ADD/ADHD Support:

Enhance focus and reduce impulsivity without medication.

Trauma Recovery:

Regain a sense of calm and resilience.

Peak Performance:

Optimize cognitive and emotional resources for success in your field.

Calm Waves offers a non-invasive, medication-free approach, tailored to your unique neural patterns, ensuring a personal and precise path to mental well-being.

Experience the transformative power of Calm Waves today. Take the first step toward cognitive and emotional health, and unlock your best self at Freedom Family Counseling. Book your appointment now!
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