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Intern training

Now Accepting both Graduate School and Undergraduate School Interns

Our mission is to equip competent Christian counselors to provide high-quality, clinically and biblically sound, mental health care services. We seek to teach counseling skills that bring Christ’s wisdom into professional therapeutic settings.


Offices located in both Central Phoenix and Northwest Phoenix


We offer personal, hands-on training from board-certified supervisors. We integrate a Christian worldview throughout the training process.


In addition to working independently with clients, our program offers the opportunity to shadow top tier therapists. Our interns receive experience with families, children, couples, individuals, and groups.


Exposure to the inside out workings and culture of a private practice. This position allows students to make lifelong connections in the field they are hoping to land in, learn how to talk to clients during an intake, participate in staff meetings and business/marketing ventures.

Intern training

Benefits to Landing a Graduate School Level Internship with Us

Freedom Christian Counseling Services is happy to provide a stipend for graduate interns who fully participate in the internship program at Freedom Family Counseling. Full participation includes training and involvement in training assessment and evaluation, consisting of a minimum of 8 weekly face-to-face meetings with clients and an hour of supervisory training per week. The stipend will average $100 per week of attended in-office training to help offset expenses such as travel, expected time researching, etc. If full participation does not occur, the stipend will be adjusted.
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Intern training

About our Nonprofit: Freedom Christian Counseling Services

Recognizing the need for skilled counselors integrating their Christian faith. A mission to equip competent therapists while providing accessible counseling.

A word from Dr. Frigaard and an appeal for help:

With my extensive experience as a Christian counselor, professor, and therapist, I’ve recognized a significant need for highly skilled Christian counselors who can integrate their faith into clinical practice. It’s disheartening to witness aspiring Christian counselors struggle to find practicum sites that align with their Christian beliefs and offer quality clinical training. This scarcity calls for a solution.

As a Christian and seasoned therapist with a background in education and leadership, I feel a divine calling to provide top-notch clinical training infused with Christ’s wisdom. We aim to equip Christian therapists who aspire to “bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners” (Isaiah 61:1). Arizona, in particular, is in dire need of competent clinical skills intertwined with Christ’s healing.

I represent Freedom Christian Counseling Services (FCCS), whose mission is to offer training, educational services, and internships for Christian counselors and student interns. Our goal is to prepare them to deliver high-quality, clinically and biblically sound mental health care. We also aspire to support those in need of stellar Christian counseling who may lack financial means.

To realize this mission, we’re preparing for the 2024 practicum season, commencing in January 2024. We’re currently interviewing potential interns However, we require start-up funding for training, supervisor salaries, intern stipends, office furnishings, expanded rental space, and related overhead.

We kindly request your support to continue to bolster our internship program. Your support is crucial in launching this endeavor, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress. Please donate below if you’re willing to support our cause.

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Kindly donate to help children and families in need of counseling, and to support interns in training.

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